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Pastoral Team

Dr. Bruce Woolard - SENIOR MINISTER

Bruce Woolard is our Founder and Senior Minister and holds several qualifications including a Masters in Theology and a Phd in Sociology. Bruce is also a registered Specialist Counsellor with more than 35 years of ministry experience and a Registered Marriage Officer and Commissioner of Oaths. Bruce has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, surpassed only by his integrity and desire to serve the Lord through loving His people. His wisdom, self-sacrificing example and gregarious personality are an incredible blessing to all who know him.

Rev. Warren Watermeyer - LEAD MINISTER

Warren Watermeyer is the Lead Minister of St Marks Church in Port Elizabeth. Warren holds a B.Min degree in Theology and is a Registered Marriage Officer and Commissioner of Oaths. He is married to Justene-Rae and they are blessed with three delightful daughters, Georgia-Rae, Eva Reese and Sophia Quinn.

Rev. Andrew Lamont-Turner - PRINCIPAL ST MARKS SCHOOL

Andrew is the Principal of St Marks School and co-spear-heads our Administration Department along with Sandy Woolard. He holds two degrees; one in Theology, the other in Commerce. He is ideally equipped to introduce workable and achievable goals for effective sustainable Church and School growth. Andrew’s compassion enables him to connect sincerely with those he ministers to, both in the church and school. He is married to Estelle and they have two wonderful sons, Gregory and Joshua.

Pastor Kenneth Woolard

The heart of the ministry lies within its Pastoral Care. Our Team of Ministers, Pastors and Care Workers are co-ordinated by Kenneth to see to the varied needs of our congregation. Kenneth is also a part of our Music Ministry Team behind the drums. His practical, hands-on approach to every task he tackles is an invaluable asset.

Pastor Darren Benecke

Darren, along with his wife, Kirstie, oversee our Youth Ministry, consisting of Children & Teen Church, Senior and Junior Youth. He and his Teams in each Youth Ministry Department impact the lives of the young people in our community with relevant, challenging, Scriptural events and lessons on a weekly basis. Having benefited first-hand from the Youth Ministry at St Marks (from 6 years old), Darren is passionate about offering God’s solutions and Truth to young people. His earnest and thoughtful approach to ministry is balanced with an incredible response to humour and he is often found ROFL!

Pastor Solly Bendrau

Solly performs the pivotal role of Visitation Pastor. His affable personality and deep and genuine concern for others makes him ideally suited for this rewarding position. After working in the world for many years, Solly "retired" to serve in the ministry. It is a blessing to have him as part of our team.

Pastor Ezra Gedze

Ezra is the lead Pastor of our Motherwell Church. He has faithfully served the Lord by serving and teaching His people in the face of adversity and opposition. His love for the message of Grace continues to fuel his ministry and inspire all those he comes into contact with. Ezra also heads up our Prison Ministry, facilitating Scriptural workshops and courses in the local prisons.

Ministry Staff


Sandy Woolard heads up our Church liaison functions and has a calling for counselling. Her vast ministry experience and years spent as Principal of St Marks School has given her not only the insight and wisdom necessary to counsel but has also fostered a great empathy for people. She is also a Church Trustee and an acting Director of our School Governing Body.

Justene-Rae Watermeyer - WORSHIP COORDINATOR

Justene is a gifted vocalist with a passion for music. Justene is the Sport and Events coordinator for St Marks School and is married to Rev. Warren Watermeyer.


Tessa is instrumental in receiving our Church calls and co-ordinates our Pastoral Teams Ceremonial bookings and Pastoral activities. Her friendly demeanor and helpful nature make her ideally suited to be the first point of contact for our ministry. She LOVES teaching her Bible Ed classes to the Grades 1-3 in our school and leaves a great impact on the little lives she ministers to.


Nicol provides our Pastoral Teams with PA functions and performs our Seminary's administration functions. Nicol has an incredible heart for serving the Lord and demonstrates this through the way in which she thoughtfully cares about those she ministers to... both our congregation and the church staff! Nicol has been in the full-time ministry since leaving school and has great insight and experience with ministry-related issues. She is a valuable team member with diverse gifts.


Sean oversees our ITC department, manages our Websites, Digital Sermon Streaming and ITC Support on our Church and School networks while also teaching Bible Education in the Primary School. He assists with Junior Youth and servers as a Senior Youth leader. Sean also matriculated from St Marks School in 2012.


Jill joined our staff to assist with CD/DVD duplicating and website updating. Her systematic approach to all that she does and her meticulous way in which she follows through with tasks enables her to complete routine work repetitively. As a part-time staff member, Jill puts in full-time effort!


Sanchia has a passion for admin! She is almost obsessed with keeping her work up-to-date...which is a great benefit to the ministry. Her personal testimony through trials, which includes surviving cancer and kidney failure, is an incredible witness to the Lord's strength through our weaknesses. Her bubbly personality cannot be confined to an admin office and bursts forth periodically into the church hall and reception.