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”Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 The diference between sight and vision is that sight is the functon of the eyes and vision is the attude of the mind. Passion drives vision. In fact a visionary irritates peo...
Thu, 8-Dec-2016
What Are You Doing Here?


“the word of the LORD came to him, and He said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?””
1 Kings 19:9

In the Scripture there is a passage where Elijah is running in fear from the evil Queen Jezebel. He ends up hiding in a cave on Mount Horeb. Then God shows up and says, “What are you ...

09h30 - 4 Dec 2016
Perfect the Vision
by Rev. Warren Watermeyer
Part 7
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Voice: Dec 2016

The name, face and hairdo of Donald Trump has taken the world by storm. The world is Trump’s stage. Who would have thought that someone with such a bad track record could be elected President of the most powerful nation on the planet? His name is synonymous with money and fame. The establishment at Capital Hill thought it was a joke when they heard that he was going to contest the Republican ticket. The Republican party seemed to be collapsing like a pack of cards until Donald came out as the Trump card. Trump has always considered himself a Prince, some say, a King. His father was the son of a German immigrant and his mother from Scotland. Donald’s inexhaustible supply of energy and determination are key factors to his success. He believes that even bad advertising is good if it keeps his name in the news. What has made him so popular? He is the most talked about man in the world. Despite his language and narcissistic character, Trump represents the frustration and anger of the American people. There is no doubt that America and the family of nations are in for a rough four years.

Trump may turn out to be good for his country but bad for the rest of the world. His foreign economic policies and pro-life agenda will make America less liberal and more conservative. No, Trump is not the antichrist, but his election will lead to Americans being less interested in global issues and more interested in serving their country. The modern trend is for countries to become more Nationalistic in their policies. Multi-culturalism and pluralism makes it increasingly diffcult for leaders to galvanise national pride and unity of purpose. The rise of nationalism is evident; Scotland is seeking her own national identity and Brexit is another example of isolationism in terms of self- determination. The infux of refugees and foreigners into a country seems to be perceived as a threat to nationalism.

The Bible asserts that the antichrist and the false prophet will call for a one world government and a one world monetary system to obviate the problem of nationalism. A house that is divided will fall and right now, the United Nations is failing. However, Scripture tells us that out of the chaos and division, one will arise who will bring solution and solidarity. The new world order is waiting in the wings and Trump’s election is just another piece in the puzzle of prophecy being fulflled. Right now Trump is calling for national isolation making the need for alliance between nations even more crucial in order for the takeover worldwide by the antichrist.  

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