Guilty as Charged
In our world of super intelligence where everyone has access to information at the click of a button, and where advanced technology is the new authority on complex issues that great minds of yester-year struggled to resolve, we are ever learning but ...
Thu, 29-Sep-2016
The Commandment

“And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also.”
1 John 4:21

In Jesus’ day it was a well-known fact, Jews and Samaritans did not socialize together. Another part of that time and tradition was the fact that Jewish men did not openly speak to a woman in public. Jesus go...

09h30 - 25 Sep 2016
Spiritual Tornadoes
by Dr Bruce Woolard
Part 6
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The Voice Newsletter
Voice: Oct 2016

Pastor Ezra Gedze has been with St Marks for 7 years. He is the Lead Pastor of St Marks Motherwell, 18 Maharaj Street, Motherwell NU10, and spearheads a number of other ministries. He is husband to Alice, father to Oyintandane (23), and grandfather to Amyoli (7). His mission feld is vast, the challenges numerous but the impact God is making through him is incredible. Ever since leaving the Zionist church where he was Bishop of the Garden Route area (Port Elizabeth to Knysna), Ezra has a burning desire to share the message that has changed his life in such a tremendous way – and he is using every opportunity to do so.Pastor Ezra has a busy weekly schedule:

  • Sundays – St Marks Motherwell Church service 10am.
  • Monday – Ministering to learners in various schools, but primarily at Mfesane Senior Secondary NU12 and Coselelani Senior Secondary NU9.
  • Tuesday – Ministering at St Alban’s prison “Breaking the Chains.”
  • Wednesday – Ministering at St Alban’s prison “Breaking the Chains,” St Marks Ground and Cleaning staff Bible Study 1pm and running a Bible Study at the Motherwell Church 6.30pm
  • Thursday - Theological lectures and studies
  • Friday – Ministering to learners in various schools.
  • Saturdays –attending to funerals and visitation of congregation members. Bible Made Easy Programme for people from various churches (including Zionist churches) at 3pm.

Ezra also runs a regular soup kitchen and his wife Alice assists with looking after little ones whose parents have to work during the week. Much like Paul the Apostle who was ideally suited to reach the Jews and Gentiles, being a Pharisee and a Roman citizen, Pastor Ezra is ideally suited for this mission field of liberating men and women from the shackles of ancestral worship, legalism and religion. (1 Timothy 1:12-14, Ephesians 3:8-12)

Enkosi kakulu Tata Ezra. May God bless you in your work for Him. 

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