It is Pentecost
Today the church (universal) will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. It’s hard to believe that 50 days ago we observed Easter. The Jewish Passover recorded in the Book of Leviticus 23 was held to remember the time when God saved Israel from Egyptian...
Fri, 23-Jun-2017
On What Are You Focused?


“I have set the LORD always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.”
Psalm 16:8

We are living in uncertain times. It seems that planning for the future has become somewhat of a hit and miss. Quite often, I will hear what people are planning for their future. Saving for retirement...

09h30 - 18 Jun 2017
Spirit Dynamics
by Dr Bruce Woolard
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The Voice Newsletter
Voice: Jul 2017

There was a time in the infancy of St Marks when no more than ten faithful members attended our Sunday services. Some 32 years ago the doors of our tiny church in Neville Street, Western Hills were opened. Sunday after Sunday a small band of men and women listened intently to the Gospel of God’s saving Grace being preached. Among those early church pioneers, were Marie and Jack O’Connell. They trekked every Sunday from Humewood to support our fledgling flock. Marie was keen to share God’s love with others and volunteered to assist us in hospital visitation. Her regular telephone calls to the church and our family home were always encouraging and awe-inspiring. Marie would phone me every week and say, “I just called to say I’m praying for you.” 

Before constructing our current church building we celebrated the “breaking of the ground” on the site in Cape Road. What a marvellous occasion it was with the signing of a large Bible and a celebratory open air service. This step of faith was considered “foolish” by some at the time, after all it was 1994 and some “doomsayers” were predicting the worst. Marie and Jack O’Connell were among those supporting our initiative. Besides Marie’s reassuring words of hope to me as the minister, she motivated our church members to have faith in God’s provision. The O’Connell couple were instrumental in introducing others to the Gospel and St Marks. Both Marie and Jack have passed into the glory of heaven but their words of encouragement and hope can still be heard and it was particularly moving to have their younger son, Geoff, becoming a member of St Marks. In memory of his mother, Geoff has established the Marie O’Connell Foundation that is now instrumental in spearheading enterprising projects to carry the message we preach to communities beyond the four walls of our church. 

God blesses the faithful and their offspring. Her voice of hope can still be heard.

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