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In the soul of men and women there is a vacuum and an emptiness. Each of us, without exception, can testify to the reality that deep within our innermost being there is a need that nothing in this world can fill or satisfy. Someone has said that God ...
Fri, 18-Aug-2017
A Safe Investment

“Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.”
Matthew 22:21

A bank teller said that a customer came to her window in the bank to withdraw R500.00 cash, so the teller asked “which denomination?” The customer replied, “Christian.”
When the church colle...

09h30 - 13 Aug 2017
Know Your Church
by Rev. Warren Watermeyer
Part 7
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The Voice Newsletter
Voice: Aug 2017

Our morning series “Let my People Know” has received exciting and wide interest. Knowing leads to growing. If we are to grow in Grace and fulfil our God-given mandate, we have to expand our knowledge of God’s Word. While it is important to receive and read Daily Devotional messages, it can never substitute for the study of Scripture. 

The series, “Let my People Know” is a step by step approach designed and delivered to enhance our knowledge so that we can be more relevant in terms of reaching others for Christ.

Knowing about Christ or believing that there is a God is vastly different from knowing God personally. The only way mankind can know God at this spiritual level, is to know God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ as our  very own personal Saviour. The residing presence of the Holy Spirit within us confirms that we are Christians.

Don’t miss the series because as it gains momentum, it will culminate with the truth about our ultimate destiny. Each talk is given in such a way that if you miss one or two messages in the series, you will still benefit tremendously from those you do hear. However, a full loaf of bread is better than a half loaf and a half loaf is better than no loaf.

Remember to share what you know and learn, so that others may grow in the grace and love of God. 

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