To Live or Die?
In our society of consumerism and “shelf life” mentality the sanctty of the human body and our right to life is being threatened. Euthanasia or “assisted death” as it is called today is nothing else but “assisted suicide...
Thu, 20-Oct-2016
Praise Precedes Victory

“Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song, And His praise in the assembly of saints.”
Psalm 149:1

The Psalmist talks about when we have the high praises of God coming out of our mouth, God will go to war against our enemies. Praise always precedes the victory. This is what happened to Joshua. He was headed toward...

09h30 - 16 Oct 2016
The Secret Place
by Rev. Warren Watermeyer
LAT: -33.946457
LON: 25.523686
Church Office hours
Monday - Friday: 08h00 - 17h00
St Marks Campus - Corner Boshoff Street & Cape Road, Framesby, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

 All loss results in grief and deep sorrow.  We offer grief counseling to the bereft with a clear and easy to understand  strategy of survival through the seven stages of grief.


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